Apr 22, 2021

Neurim organized an international ASD focused webinar Autism: Uncovering concurrent disorders

On April 21st Neurim Pharmaceuticals in cooperation with world leading experts in the field of autism organized this international webinar – Autism: Uncovering concurrent disorders.

The Chair of the webinar was Dr. Joaquin Fuentes from Spain, and the speakers were Prof. Carmen Schroder from France and Prof. Kate Tchanturia from the UK.

In his greeting, Dr. Fuentes says: “Identified prevalence of ASD is increasing. We now appreciate the diversity of personal clinical characteristics and the high frequency of potential concurrent disorders. These two aspects imply a challenge for Health Care Professionals. If we are able to better identify and understand not only ASD but also concurrent disorders, we will be able to adjust our level of support and thus improve our patient´s quality of life.”

This webinar focused on three important and highly prevalent concurrent to ASD disorders: Insomnia, challenging behavior and eating disorders. It was discussed how to tackle these treatable concurrent conditions and thus be more helpful to children with ASD and their families. The webinar was ended up with an interactive Q&A panel discussion which provided practical knowledge on identification, understanding operational crucial factors, and reviewed strategies to optimize the support of children with ASD and their families.

More than 1,500 Health Care Professionals from 33 countries attended this webinar. Medical societies in Germany, Italy and Switzerland recognized this webinar as a high-standard educational scientific event and consequently granted the webinar attendees from these 3 countries with a local CPD points.