Partnering with Neurim

Neurim sees tremendous value in forging strong, long lasting partnerships with other leaders in the field of CNS science and pharmaceutical commercialization


Synergy through Partnership

By forming strategic collaborations for the development and commercialization of innovative treatments for patients’ unmet needs, we are able to serve them faster and better, making a genuine contribution to their quality of life.

From R&D through commercialization, Neurim believes in the value of sharing knowledge and resources with other leaders in the field of CNS science, pharmaceutical development, marketing and distribution. We cooperate with partners that possess the knowhow to make our products available to more patients in their specific markets.


Moving Ahead Together

We have a proven track-record of establishing fruitful, flexible frameworks for cooperation with national and multinational partners, for accessing new markets worldwide and making therapeutic innovations a reality for patients. We are proud of our joint accomplishments.

We partner in CNS drug co-development, licensing of Neurim’s products, and expediting their availability through focused, effective marketing and distribution.

To this end, we seek to forge strong, dynamic long-term partnerships for strategic collaboration in various aspects of our work.

Interested in partnering with us? We welcome your inquiries.


for early-stage molecules


of current and pipeline products


of products in the CNS field for promotion and distribution by our subsidiaries
Fruitful Relationships

Among Our Partners